BBF is very proud of Reece Hunt, one of our NPD Technologists, who recently took part in the UK & IE Junior Chocolate Masters 2018 competition and made it through to the final four, due to his hard work, passion and dedication. In the final, Reece had to produce the following pieces, all relating to the sea.

• Showpiece – To demonstrate below and above the sea surface. The lower half consisted of a rocky base with some elements of flat coral and a coral coloured anemone. The top half is of a stingray breaching out of a wave. The brief was to not colour more than 50% of the showpiece.

• Dessert – This involved elements of chocolate seaweed and a foam to resemble the breaking of a wave and coral. The challenge of the dessert was that it had to be suitable for vegans and was to contain no nuts.

• Snacking Bar – The key design here was a clownfish effect.

UK & IE Junior Chocolate Masters 2018 competition finalist - Reece Hunt