Over recent years, cake trends have been hugely impacted by social media with Brits taking inspiration for their celebration cakes from celebrity icons, influencers and restaurants.

This is only set to continue in 2022! Styles and techniques which were once only adopted by artisan bakeries are becoming more mainstream, allowing retailers to offer consumers nationwide quirky cakes at affordable prices.

The celebration cake trends which we’re expecting to take the bakery market by storm this year include:

  • Tall bakes: adding perspective to cakes is going to be one of the biggest trends of 2022 and one of the ways retailers are doing this is by decreasing diameter but increasing height with multiple layers. Many are also opting for larger toppings, such as chocolate twirls, which add perspective
  • Premiumisation: from more extravagant flavours to eye catching toppings, the demand for high quality, premium lines is increasing as shoppers continue to recreate the dining out experience, at home
  • Textured finishes: a premium twist on the traditional celebration cake icing or buttercream finish is the introduction of textured finishes, such as speckled or biscuit crumb. Not only does this create a more interesting eating experience, but it also makes the cake more visual
  • Vegan and free from: as the diet requirements of consumers continue to evolve, vegan and free from celebration cakes are going to be more widely available in 2022 as new brands and own label products continue to enter the market

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen various techniques introduced to give the impression of premiumisation, for example single drop cakes and ombre frosting, but this year we’ll be seeing more decadent cakes on shelves nationwide. From double drips and statement chocolate curls, to edible toppings inspired by nature, the importance of having cakes which are aesthetically pleasing has never been more important to consumers.

What’s more, with some people across the country still choosing to steer away from dining out, we’re seeing an increase in consumers spending more on indulgent and premium products. This is allowing them to recreate the dining out experience in the comfort of their own home.

Vegan and free from products are expected to continue to be a focus for many retailers in 2022, whether that be stocking brands offering vegan and free from alternatives or by developing their own product lines. Over the last 12 to 18 months, we’ve seen veganism become more mainstream with many brands active in the market. With this in mind, retailers will be increasingly focusing on offering mode indulgent and luxurious vegan and free from ranges during 2022.