While the rest of the UK has been enjoying Christmas films and decorating their trees, we’ve been busy preparing approximately 150 million mince pies for the festive period.

As one of the largest producers of premium mince pies in the UK, our product development team has been working closely with some of the UK’s biggest retailers on a range that showcases modern day twists on the classic mince pie, including speculoos and vegan alternatives.

Following the lockdown challenges we faced last Christmas, many people are planning to make the most of this festive period with better celebrations. With this in mind, we’re expecting there to be an increased demand for festive favourites, in particular premium mince pies.

Developing the next generation of mince pies has seen our team explore alternative fillings, pastries and toppings to ensure the nation has the perfect range of mince pies this festive season. The biggest trends this Christmas, predicted by us, are:

  • Speculoos: originating in the Netherlands, this spiced shortcrust biscuit is set to be at the top of everyone’s wish list this Christmas
  • Frangipane: an almond flavoured sweet pastry cream, which we’ve traditionally seen in tarts, galettes and puff pastries, has made its way into mince pies and is expected to be popular this year
  • Boozy bakes: premium twists on the traditional mincemeat filling will see Sloe Gin and Bourbon grow in popularity
  • Mini mince pies: as the nation prepares for a season of festive fun, mini mince pies and selection packs will be a huge hit! Traditionally, we’ve seen chocolate/sweet selection boxes, but this year consumers will be offered mince pie versions, meaning more opportunity to try new flavours
  • Vegan and free from: as the diet requirements of consumers continue to evolve, vegan and free from mince pies are expected to continue to grow in popularity this festive season
  • Traditional is still strong: traditions will always come into play at this time of year and mince pies are no different. While consumers are open to trying new flavours and we’ll continue to see popular trends filter into this category, the traditional buttery, crisp pastry packed with mincemeat and baked in aromatic spices, as well as lots of plump vine fruits, will continue to be enjoyed by many

As well as working closely with the UK’s biggest retailers to give consumers new and exciting alternative flavours, we’ve also been working with them to create more sustainable packaging options. This Christmas, many retailers will be opting for smaller plastic windows, or no window at all, to help increase recyclability and reduce overall carbon footprints.

The alternative and traditional mince pie ranges which we’ve been working on over the last few months include a wider variety of flavours than ever before. As Christmas products have now started to hit the shelves, an extensive selection of mince pies can now be found on the selves of major retailers across the UK.