Mince pies are synonymous with Christmas and a staple for many families over the festive season. The warming, fragrant and sometimes boozy taste of a mince pie is often associated with comfort and contentment, so it’s no surprise that Brits have started buying mince pies earlier this year.

As the largest producer of premium mince pies in the UK, baking approximately 150 million mince pies for Brits to enjoy each year, our new product development team has been busy working with some of the biggest retailers across the country to help bring a slice of festive cheer to homes nationwide.

In fact, while Brits were enjoying their summer, we have been working behind the scenes to develop new and exciting variations of the traditional mince pie for people to enjoy this festive season. As such, we predict that the biggest trends for Christmas 2022 are:

  • Boozy bakes: a premium twist on the traditional mince pie is adding a splash of something stronger. This year, rum and sloe gin are proving to be a popular choice among Brits looking for a mince pie with an added element of elegance
  • Sticky toffee: an indulgent modern twist on the classic mince pie, which offers Brits an added layer of comfort thanks to the nostalgic flavours
  • Mini mince pies: continuing due to their popularity in 2021 is the demand for mini mince pies. Selection packs and smaller versions of the traditional mince pie are set to be popular with those hosting parties

As the cost of living crisis intensifies, consumer spending habits have ultimately changed and disposable income has reduced considerably. However, we do expect mince pies to remain popular over the Christmas period. As a nation, Brits will still be looking to indulge during the festive season, just on a more manageable budget.

This year, we’ve seen growth in demand for alternative mince pies. From richer, more intense flavours to toppings which add an element of premiumisation, people are ultimately seeking more luxurious products.

For those who prefer a more traditional mince pie, there will still be plenty of options on shelves nationwide. This year however, there will be a slight change to how the traditional mince pie looks as many of the nation’s retailers have reverted back to a fully closed lid, rather than the floating top.