We are delighted to confirm we have continued our sustainability drive, collaborating with Company Shop Group to redistribute 55 tonnes of surplus food between January and December 2020.

BBF’s surplus food generated more than 140,000 meals, equating to seven skips worth of waste saved, which is equivalent to taking 96 cars off the road. We are committed to continuously reducing this year-on-year as food waste that is disposed to landfill generates methane, a greenhouse gas far more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Company Shop Group is the UK’s leading redistributor of food and household surplus products. The organisation is at the forefront of the sustainability agenda and is focused on changing mindsets, while educating businesses on the value of surplus stock. We were introduced to Company Shop Group by Marks & Spencer through the Plan A initiative and developed relationships across all of our bakeries to support the scheme.

We have been working with Company Shop Group for three years now and have seen first-hand the difference the organisation is making, not only for the greater good of the planet, but in supporting communities across the UK. We also work with them to supply surplus products to our own staff shop at our Hull facility, offering employees access to the surplus products.

“We are proud to work closely with the team at BBF, supporting it to fulfil its ambitious food waste reduction targets. By redistributing its surplus stock through Company Shop Group, BBF closely follows the food waste hierarchy, whilst simultaneously generating positive environmental benefits and delivering social good. The brilliant work of BBF and the great progress it has made really shows the power of surplus and what can be achieved, which is corporate surplus responsibility at its best,” said Sue Patterson, step change consultant at Company Shop Group.